Erin Mulvany, founder of Vintage & Velvet, was born in Iowa and moved to Texas when she was was seven years old. Being a total Texas girl, she and her husband are so proud to raise their two boys to be pure southern Texas gentlemen!

A note from Erin:
My design journey happened very organically.  It's something that radiates true passion, immense love and my life wouldn't be complete without it.  

I love redesigning spaces in my own home and challenging myself to do so on a next-to-nothing budget  There is nothing quite like walking into a room I absolutely love all over again and knowing I did it on a deal!

I have a true passion for DIY, budget design and helping my clients feel love and excitement for a space once forgotten.  For me everything starts with something that truly inspires and speaks to you. Whether that comes in the form of a fabric sample, antique buffet, an old vintage couch, or even a really cool color palette. Basing a design plan around inspiration is the perfect formula for falling in love!