How To Distress Furniture / by Erin Mulvany

Distressed wood and distressed furniture are an easy way to make your home more cozy, achieve that farmhouse look and add character to pieces you own. While distressed furniture is beautiful, it’s not always the easiest to find unless you have the time and energy to go to antique shops, garbage sales and search the ends of Craigslist. 
The process to distressing furniture is fairly simple if you already know what piece you want to change. I have two end tables in my living room that are wood, but a little boring. Adding a pop of color is going to make them stand on their own and add that touch of flair I like to see in my furniture. 

You’ll need to sand your piece of furniture very lightly if it hasn’t been finished with a varnish. If it has been varnished, you’ll need to put in a little more work before you begin with your base coat. Wipe the piece down once you have sanded it so remove any excess dust – you don’t want the dust clumping in your paint. 

Paint the whole piece with the color you’ve selected. Chalk paint colors are great for getting creative and mixing colors, it also makes distressing super easy.

Once that base coat is dry, start sanding off that would look naturally distressed like corners and edges. Less is always more in this process, you don’t want to go crazy and end up sanding the entire piece all over again. Once you’ve completed your sanding, wipe the entire piece with a tack cloth. 

You may apply a finish if desired depending on what piece of furniture you’ve used. 

Whether you’re distressing a coffee table, side table or other random piece, make sure you’ve picking colors that go with the room. While we all love the fad colors of the season or that shade of green that pops out at you at Lowe’s, make sure it has a place in your house. 

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