How To Update Your Children’s Room This Summer / by Erin Mulvany

One of the hardest things is watching our kids grow up. Updating their rooms is a right of passage every parent has to take whenever they become ‘too cool’ for their childhood theme bedroom. This summer is a great time to work with your child on creating a space that they can be proud of and brag about to their friends.

My first step is getting organized with storage benches, under bed storage and closet hangers. Reducing clutter can make the room not only seem bigger, but provide more counter space for things like homework or writing thank you notes! Everything should reasonably have a place so organization is always easy. Here’s a storage bench I love from World Market!

Now the fun part starts, the decorating! I like to talk to my kids or my client’s kids first to get an understanding of what they like. You never want to paint a Rocket’s fan’s bedroom Maverick’s blue. One of the rooms I have done was for a client who loved and played baseball at Cy-Ranch. He was inspired by his high school’s baseball logo and we went from there. It’s always good to have a starting point to spur inspiration. While what we see in magazines are beautiful rooms, it’s not our rooms.  Making a room unique to your child will add that special touch! 

With this room, we used a super cool industrial style locker bed by Pottery Barn. The lockers underneath added for great storage! One of my absolute favorite aspects of this room is the custom made industrial and wood shelves. Adding that custom touch through working with local craftsmen can take any room to the next level! We added the final touches of a new bedspread, drapes and personal touches from the client to create his dream bedroom!

The best thing about redoing your child’s bedroom is giving them a sanctuary.  Whether they’re looking for something more modern or going off their favorite team, it should reflect them. Updating your child’s room? We want to see! Follow us on Facebook and post your pictures!