Summer DIY Projects: Welcoming Door Mats / by Erin Mulvany

Hey guys! I'm Lillian and this is my attempt at a DIY project. We all know Erin is insanely talented when it comes to interiors and, well, I am not! So I wanted to try a DIY project that anyone can do, and I mean ANYONE,

There’s nothing I love more than summer DIY projects, whether it’s a simple paint  job or a complex upholstery chore. This summer, Vintage & Velvet is doing a DIY series with projects ranging from complex to calming; some you can even do with your kids! 

When I was a kid, my summers consisted of watermelon cookies made by my favorite aunt, that I know learn, were just sugar cookies and a lot of food dye. Still, watermelons represent summertime in my family so I want to surprise my aunt with a new doormat that had sentimental value to everyone in our family (we’re really into our cookies). 

This is a relatively cheap project and a fun one to do with a group making their own doormats! All you’ll need is a plain welcome mat, sponge, scissors, small paintbrush (not the ones you use on your wall) and your watermelon paint colors, which are black, pink and green! Make sure you get your watermelon pink in an exterior finish to ensure it holds up against all the feet walking on it. 

Cut your sponge to look like a slice of watermelon. You can alternate the sizes of watermelon you’d like on your mat or keep them all the same size, it’s up to you! 

Once the watermelon is cut, cut off an inch to mimic the green rind. Now the fun part starts! You can mark where you want to see your watermelons beforehand or go rogue! I went rogue, naturally. Begin with the pink wedges first, and then top each space with the green rind.  Once the paint has dried (about 20 minutes) then add your watermelon seeds with your small paintbrush!  

Give your mat the night to dry and then you have a cut new (and cheap) addition to your home! You can try seasonal doormats or unique mats for each entrance to your house, just have fun with it! Post in the comment and let us know what you’re making on your doormat!

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