These Are a Few of Erin’s Favorite Things / by Erin Mulvany

We all have those things that make our imagination run wild and consume our Pinterest boards in excess. Our fearless leader is no different! Learn what Erin’s favorite things are and what sparks her design genius and, perhaps, they’ll spark yours as well. 

Pillows Upon Pillows

Whether it’s the texture, the color or the print, throw pillows are everything and they belong everywhere. They can spice up a drab couch, breathe life into a master bedroom or add addition charm to a guest room. The possibilities are endless and you can mix and match and play around with sizes, shapes and textures. Throw pillows are a great way to kick your design junkie into high gear; these pieces are low risk and high reward in our book! 

Erin loves Mica Blue Accessories found on Etsy, she has some cool patterns at a cool price. 

Paint Color Swatches

This may be one of our crazier obsessions since but you can find Erin lost in paint swatches on her weekly runs to the hardware store. These little color cards bring promise and so much potential for future design projects and they get the creative juices flowing. Many times you will be told to choose bedding or fabric before your paint, but many great rooms have been designed around a pure love affair of a single color. Break the rules, fall in love with color and let it inspire you!

Farmhouse Tables

Farmhouse tables belong in every room. Ok - maybe not every room, but we love them so much we can dare to dream. They are a sharp right turn from the classic dining room table with perfect matching chairs, the china hutch and polished silver. It flirts with informal style without losing dining room elegance in the process.

Fresh Cut Flowers

What girl could disagree with fresh flowers, right? Whether you go into your backyard and clip a few from your garden, head to the grocery store and grab a boutique right before check out or have your favorite flower dealer at the farmers market, the make a huge impact. Not only do they reduce indoor odors, they add a touch of color, texture and nature to any room. Don’t wait for an anniversary or a special occasion; find some flowers that fit you. 

The Vintage & Velvet team wants to know what inspires you? Comment below!