Holiday Decorating

How To Make a Floral Wreath by Erin Mulvany

Fresh flowers are a great touch to any home and they can also step up a home’s curb appeal. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a fresh flower wreath with all the colors on the day-of-love spectrum would be a perfect accent to get in the spirit. It’s also a great alternative to buying those cheap decorations from the Target dollar aisle. We’re all guilty of that shopping binge, but this way to don’t waste space and you can switch out flowers based on the season!
What you’ll need is a 12-inch floral foam wreath base, which you can find at your local craft store like Hobby Lobby, ribbon to hang your wreath with, green leaves to add texture to your arrangement and flowers of your choice. We like peonies! If you don’t have a nail in your front door already for wreaths, you can easily buy a command hook instead.
First, saturate your foam frame in cool water. If you stick it to a dry wreath, it will destroy the foam and make it more difficult for the flowers to stay and stay in. Before you make the big step of sticking your flowers in, I like to lay them on top of the wreath to get an idea of how I want my flowers and greenery laid out.
Make sure you don’t clump all your big flowers in one spot, but don’t make them all perfectly spread apart either. I usually follow the 2-1-3 method, which is 2 clusters, 1 cluster and 3 clusters of large flowers with smaller flowers and greenery in between.

Miki Duisterof

Miki Duisterof

ie the ribbon around the top of your wreath and hang it on your front door. If you want to make it more festival, you can add 3D elements such as fun heart and arrow die cuts or other odds and ends you find at the craft store, or, dare I say, the Target dollar aisle.
Here’s a tip: if you want to keep the wreath and not constantly switch out flowers, just use either dried flowers such as hydrangeas or fake flowers.
Are you ready to get started on your Valentine’s Day wreath? What other holiday wreaths would you want to make for your home?

Quick Fourth of July Decoration Ideas by Erin Mulvany

Summer is a busy time and holidays can sneak up on us without warning. Seriously. It has been raining so much down here in the South that no one would even know we’re approaching 4th of July. SURPRISE, it is just days away! If you haven’t planned your Independence Day bash or aren’t attending someone else’s, here’s a quick way to make your get-together a splash! 

Don’t panic about not having it all, the best thing about 4th of July is that is already has a backyard feel so a picnic table or any type of wood accept you may have at your home can get you where you need to go. Now all you need it to add some red, white and blue and you’re well on your way to having the perfect summer party. 

I love fresh flowers, I think they can add a pop of color where you need it or become a centerpiece regardless of the table size. All white arrangements are my favorite, but if you need that pop of color, Blue Statices, Red Roses in a white vase or mason jar is a great 4th of July centerpiece.  

Lighting is everything when you’re out late in the backyard. String lights are not only romantic, but they’re a great decoration item as well. Check out these decorative string lights from World Market. 

Last but not least is the first thing your guests will see, your door mat. Check out our last blog about how to make your own custom doormat! Make yours into an American Flag, red, white and blue stars or even have a cute patriotic chevron print pattern! 

We want to see what you’ve done for your Independence Day bash! Tag Vintage & Velvet on Facebook and show off your decorating skills!