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3 Tips to Combining Homes & Design Styles by Erin Mulvany

Whenever you find that person you’re ready to share a space with it is an intoxicating feeling. You’re on cloud nine, weightless and are already casting who will play you the romcom made about your relationship. Then you have to actually combine homes. Movies tend to skip this part. Combining styles and furniture can be difficult if you’re farmhouse and he’s mid-century modern. Don’t panic! Here are three easy tips to combining homes and design styles that will leave your relationship intact.

Abstract vs. Classic

Some people can be a little out there while others can love the status quo. That doesn’t mean your house has to be either-or. Use abstract art to offset classic furniture pieces or vice versa. This will give your space an updated look and will allow you more freedom in combining period pieces that fit within your motif.

Hue and Me

Deciding on colors can be difficult and, let’s be real, all those shades of gray start to run together at a certain point. Merge styles a color combination. Whether it is an accent color or updating a decade by using a high gloss paint, you can modernize or traditional a space with paint.

Cover It Up

Every commercial I see that shows a couple moving in together highlights the chair. The chair the man loves and cannot live without yet it is falling about. This is where some DIYing and a weekend project can salvage his favorite piece. Either purchase a slipcover or reupholster the chair (or whatever his favorite piece may be) and find that spot in a room where it can blend or be an accent piece.

Mixing styles can be a challenge but if you work together, the end result can be spectacular. Don’t worry if you’re stuck in a room or paint colors are being the enemy; contact us for a consultation about your space! 

How To Feng Shui Your Home by Erin Mulvany

Feng Shui is an age-old Chinese practice that is meant to bring peace and harmony to your home and keep your energy levels balanced. I don’t know about energy points, but I do know about organization and how to keep a home put together. There are feng shui methods that actually provide down-to-earth tips to make any home look and feel more cohesive and calm.

Clear The Clutter

Lighten your load by avoiding putting a nick knack on every table, shelf or counter. Three pieces per flat surface often do the job and leave you with ample room to truly live in your home. This step is probably the easiest or hardest, depending on how you collect things. It may even be therapeutic to remove items that no longer have relevance it in your and your home. 

Improve Your Air Quality

Houseplants are all the rage these days. Fashion bloggers to Fixer Upper have included plants in various spots to add color. Not only are they a great design addition, certain plants can also improve your home’s air quality. Whether it’s in the corner of a room or on a bedside table, houseplants will help you to breathe easier. Below is a list of easy-to-care-for houseplants!

  • Areca Palm
  • Dracaena Janet Craig
  • English Ivy
  • Boston Fern
  • Peace Lily

et's Go Natural

Natural light is a great way to brighten your home and relax your mind. While we can’t always just knock out a window whenever we feel like our home is too dark, full-spectrum lights can help brighten a room while still feeling natural. Also make sure that drapery or shutters aren’t always closed off. I try to open my windows a few times a month (weather permitting) to add in that smell of the outdoors! 

Feng Shui doesn’t have to be about energy points or defining the bagua, it can simply be about opening your home to more simpler (and often times free) alternatives. Instead of fake plants and scented candles, opt in for a more natural touch.

How To Update Your Children’s Room This Summer by Erin Mulvany

One of the hardest things is watching our kids grow up. Updating their rooms is a right of passage every parent has to take whenever they become ‘too cool’ for their childhood theme bedroom. This summer is a great time to work with your child on creating a space that they can be proud of and brag about to their friends.

My first step is getting organized with storage benches, under bed storage and closet hangers. Reducing clutter can make the room not only seem bigger, but provide more counter space for things like homework or writing thank you notes! Everything should reasonably have a place so organization is always easy. Here’s a storage bench I love from World Market!

Now the fun part starts, the decorating! I like to talk to my kids or my client’s kids first to get an understanding of what they like. You never want to paint a Rocket’s fan’s bedroom Maverick’s blue. One of the rooms I have done was for a client who loved and played baseball at Cy-Ranch. He was inspired by his high school’s baseball logo and we went from there. It’s always good to have a starting point to spur inspiration. While what we see in magazines are beautiful rooms, it’s not our rooms.  Making a room unique to your child will add that special touch! 

With this room, we used a super cool industrial style locker bed by Pottery Barn. The lockers underneath added for great storage! One of my absolute favorite aspects of this room is the custom made industrial and wood shelves. Adding that custom touch through working with local craftsmen can take any room to the next level! We added the final touches of a new bedspread, drapes and personal touches from the client to create his dream bedroom!

The best thing about redoing your child’s bedroom is giving them a sanctuary.  Whether they’re looking for something more modern or going off their favorite team, it should reflect them. Updating your child’s room? We want to see! Follow us on Facebook and post your pictures!